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Work is love made visible.        Kahlil Gibran

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Right now I am using groggy s/w clay.
For the sculptural pieces I use clay with 2 mm grog.
For wheel and hand work mostly 0,5 mm grog. For functional pieces I find it more practical to use 0,2 mm grog.
I bisque to 950C. This way I don't loose the shine from burnishing or applied terra sigillata.
Use various oxides as a wash on bisque pieces. However I mostly use manganese di-oxide.
In addition I use slips, coloured in with oxides and stains, on green ware.

Terra sigillata I make from different colour clays.
To white T.S. I add stains for the more "happy" colours.
Commercial underglazes I have been using for a long time. Not exactly in the Leach tradtion.

I started off with Claybright in South Africa
Now I use Botz Unidekor in various colours.
Some time ago I switched to only buying the white underglaze and colour them in with oxides and stains.
Claybright is now also available in Holland.
At the moment I use a lead based e/w transparent glaze and fire to 1085C.

I also use a Transmutation Glaze and a variation of that glaze. This for the more functional and decorative pieces. A transmutation glaze picks up the oxides underneath it. This glaze over oxides or even over or under another glazes can give very pleasing results. (See Recipes)




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