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Work is love made visible.        Kahlil Gibran

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A traditional background.
Over the years gained  experience working in my own studio and teaching ceramics at Uitenhage College.
Attending Workshops in South Africa, presented by both local ceramists and ceramists from overseas, have been invaluable.
Regularly exhibited at various  judged exhibitions.
At the moment I am experimenting with combining different techniques, materials and firing methods.
Though no longer teaching ceramics I am still very much involved in an Open Atelier situation where we work as a group on Saturdays.
May 2008
For the last 2 years I have been teaching again at the Blokstallen. Filling in for Hans Westerweel. 
September 2008
The teaching position at the Blokstallen is now an official appointment. Two evening classes per week and on Saturdays "Open Atelier".


August 2012

Due to a drastic reorganisation at CKB/De Maagd the "Blokstallen" (part of CKB/De Maagd) have been closed down. The various departments have been moved to the main building. Time for me to "retire"......

However, not from CLAY.


September 2012

The formal course has been replaced by:


"Open Atelier op Zolder."


Pay as you go for:

Materials, Firing costs, Use of space, tools and equipment.



February 2015

On 12th February 2015 I  stopped my activities at CKB/De Maagd.

I will miss the interaction with the people in the Ceramics groups. Their friendship and their inspiration.


Time to enjoy my Studio at home. 3 Floors above Holland.








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