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Work is love made visible.        Kahlil Gibran

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It all started in 1981.


Taking a break from working in the garden.

Glancing through the Sunday Paper. Hands dirty from the clay.

An advert offering pottery classes.  

More clay.

Enrolled and never looked back.


This was in South Africa. Port Elizabeth. On the East Coast. Where, during the week, I was employed by a Building Society. The S.A. Perm. Doing my thing with Bonds. Financial-legal-property and staff stuff. All very interesting at the time.



Aliza Rachmann introduced me to the clay scene. From evening one I knew this was for me.  Strict she was. For 2 years I was not allowed close to a wheel. Hand work I did. Serious stuff. An ashtray I made as a present for a friend was frowned upon. Never attempted another one.

Finally  onto the wheel.  THOU SHALT make cylinders.  And cylinders I made. I surprised myself. Taking orders, complying with rules and regulations: Not my cup of tea.  Looking back I realise I had the right start. and.......The rest is........


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